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5 Days Nail Repair Roller.

5 Days Nail Repair Roller.

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Tired Of Weak, Brittle Nails That Break And Chip Easily?
Introducing The 5 Days Nail Growth And Hardening Repair Roller.
This Unique Roller-ball Applicator Delivers A Concentrated Dose Of Nourishing Ingredients Directly To Your Nails, Promoting Rapid Growth And Hardening.

Experience 5 Days Accelerated Nail Growth & Enhanced Strength While Effectively Eliminating Fungal Infections

What Makes Our 5 Days Nail Growth and Hardening Repair Roller Be The GREAT CHOICE:

Strengthens & Protects Nails

Eliminate Nail Fungal Infections

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Usage Directions

1. Clean and dry your nails. 
2. Roll the applicator over each nail and cuticle.
3. Massage the serum in and let it absorb. Repeat daily for best results.

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