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Expandable Magic Hose 15m

Expandable Magic Hose 15m

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Are you tired of heavy, bulky garden hoses? Are you sick of spending too much time untangling a twisted hose? Are you tired of finding large spaces to store your bulky hose? Are you tired of draining your hose after every use? 
If you have answered yes to any of these questions, here is the SOLUTION !


Specifications: (15 M)

Water pipe + 3 points 1 connector + screw joint + water gun function
Size: 15M = 50 ft
Color: Green

Expandable Garden Hose is the solution to all these problems!

Expandable Garden Hose

Keep your garden & plants lush with these expandable hoses, no need to coil up heavy, bulky hose pipes .


- Light weight and portable size, convenient to carry, use and store
- Made of high quality material for long-term use
- Ergonomic handle of the spray nozzle, comfortable to use
- Equipped with a spray nozzle, which is made of high quality ABS plastic
- Covered with polyester fabric to protect the inner tube
- Not easy to tangle, twist or kink!
- Quickly expands to 3 times its original size when water is turned on, and fully retracts to the original length when water is off
Adjustable modes: flat, center, cone, full, mist, jet, shower
- Multi uses in daily life, such as gardening, car washing, house cleaning, etc

30 Day Money back Guarantee

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With every purchase, you get a 30 days money back guarantee, so can try and use our products for more than a month before you decide if you’re going to keep them.


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