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Stone water filter + 1 FREE

Stone water filter + 1 FREE

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Are you tired of compromising your health by consuming water filled with harmful contaminants?

Step into a world where nature takes charge of purifying your water and immerse yourself in the refreshing taste of pristine, clean water.

Introducing the Stone Water Filter, a revolutionary filtration system that harnesses the power of stones to create a truly transformative drinking experience.

✔  Faucet Water Filter : Built-in layered filter can separate coconut activated carbon, zeolite, PVA non-woven fabrics, calcium sulfite and rubber, which apply to purify hard water and well water.
✔  Widely Applicable 
Suitable for most of long and round basin faucets, applicable faucet outlet diameter from 16-22mm.Applicabe tap: Single hole basin mixer, Double basin mixer, Shower, Bathtub faucet, Kitchen faucet.


✔  Easy to cleanEssential items for home and office use, 100% brand new and high quality. High temperature resistant and not easy to deform. To clean, just remove the filter and rinse with water.
✔  Water saving
It is made of soft rubber material to prevent water leakage and save water every time it is used.
  Effective water filtration, water-saving and providing strong water pressure, try this water faucet filter, make kitchen chores easier!
✔  Improve water quality : Removes heavy metals from chlorine and other impurities in the water, improves the quality of the water, makes the water sweeter and safer.

How to use :

Q: What contaminants can a stone water filter remove?
A: Stone water filters can effectively remove sediments, dirt, rust, and larger particles from water. They can also help eliminate certain bacteria and protozoa..
Q: How often should a stone water filter be cleaned or replaced?
A: The frequency of cleaning or replacing a stone water filter depends on factors such as the quality of the water being filtered and the specific design of the filter.

Color:Blue Pink Green
Applicable:Small mouth diameter for all kinds of nozzles (16 ~ 33 mm)
Product Size:8.5*3CM
Package Included:
1× Faucet Splashproof Filter

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